Much needed review of Golden Heart Casino

To ensure you don’t miss any crucial information, we’ve written one of the most thorough evaluations of Golden Hearts Games in the US because it differs from many other social casinos you’ll discover online.

A large bonus, the option to support a charity of your choosing, and the possibility to win cash prizes make the Golden Hearts Games online experience stand out for many players. We discovered it to be a legitimate and enjoyable experience, although it might all seem too good to be true.

What does Golden Hearts Games’ bonus offer entitle you to?

Welcome bonuses are used by all other operators, as well as this one, to entice new consumers, according to US social casino evaluations. On sign-up, new users often get a welcome reward of virtual currency, a fixed sum for everyone. It operates somewhat differently here because Golden Hearts Games is unique from most social casinos.

The amount of the player’s receipt of Golden Hearts, the virtual currency used by Golden Hearts Games, depends on the quantity of the gift given to charity. You can spend this virtual money to purchase bingo cards and play slot machines (more on that in a moment), so the more you have, the more games you can play.

When you make your initial donation, the quantity of Golden Hearts awarded to your account is doubled, or, as knowledgeable online casino players would understand it, a 100% deposit match, all without the need for a Golden Hearts Games promotional code.

No wagers are necessary

The fact that there are no wagering restrictions for this bonus means that you may donate to charity in addition to receiving it. Usually, to utilize the prize, you would need to bet it a particular number of times by a specific deadline. However, there is no such need here, and you may spend your Golden Hearts anytime you choose because they do not expire unless you go six months without logging in. 

How can you pay for Golden Hearts Games’ online donations?

But first, you must donate to one of the 1.5 million US organizations recognized by the IRS. There are various ways to accomplish this, all of which will be comfortable for you. If available, you can pay using credit or debit cards from American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa, as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay. This will work well for most people because it covers many traditional techniques you would typically use to make a purchase. Expect this list to expand over time. You may also get in touch with them if you’d want an additional way approved. 


Because cash awards are offered here, unlike the situation we discovered in our study of BetRivers social casino, withdrawals are also allowed. There are three distinct ways to do this:

It may take up to 10 days to receive a check in the mail, and withdrawals under $50 are subject to a $1.75 processing fee.

PayPal is more suitable—2 business days—and more affordable—withdrawals above $25 are free, and leaves under that amount are only $0.50.

Bank ACH withdrawals are also free for amounts over $25 and cost $0.50 for smaller sums, but they take five business days or, more realistically, a week.

You may exchange any of your real money winnings for virtual coins in Golden Hearts and continue playing.

Because of this, most customers won’t have an issue with the lack of a live chat option or phone assistance, but others are sure to find it a deal-breaker. Even they will be awed by the contact form for email assistance, though. There are fields for anything, and it appears to be quite simple to describe your problem.

Security & License: are Golden Hearts Games trustworthy?

You might be excused for believing that everything offered here, including the charity gift, the hefty bonus, and the cash rewards that may be won, is too good to be true, primarily if you reside in a location where real money games are still permitted.

The truth is that Golden Hearts Games are not only lawful in the US but also in the only area where they are legal (geolocation tracking is in place to assure this), and they are legal across the US, with a few exceptions caused by local age restrictions. To participate, you must be at least 18 years old, except for residents of Alabama, Nebraska, Mississippi, and Puerto Rico, where the age requirement is 21.

The address bar’s padlock indicates that SSL encryption is in use, making the website safe and guaranteeing the privacy and security of any transactions you conduct at Golden Hearts Games.

What additional advantages come with playing Golden Hearts Games online? 

Rewards & Loyalty program

Like many other online and social casinos, Golden Hearts Games features a rewards program. Still, as you might have guessed after reading thus far, it differs slightly from the one we discovered in our Fortune Coins social casino review. Instead of engaging in gameplay to earn points or logging in daily to get more benefits, the VIP program operates through a membership contribution. 

The system has multiple tiers, starting at $19.00 a month for a bronze membership, which grants you 10500 Golden Hearts and 32 cards in every bingo game you join. You may upgrade your membership at any time, so you can, if you’d like, give enough via it to skip the tiers as you would at many other places and go right to the highest level.

There are several advantages for those who want to return, including periodic promotions like the free daily bonus where a spin of the wheel (which will appear familiar from the “wheel of fortune”) will pay you up to 2500 Golden Hearts.

Online bingo at Golden Hearts Games

Golden Hearts online bingo is a little different from what you might have seen elsewhere, much like everything else at Golden Hearts Games. Unlike the typical cards you could receive from a 75 or 90-ball game elsewhere, these are straightforward 75-ball games with 25 numbers on your card, organized into five rows (one for each letter of the word bingo) to make playing several cards simple.

The set monetary reward is split among those who correctly match all 25 numbers; there don’t appear to be any bonuses for matching lines or corners.

A participant must be present to win

In some other bingo games, you could buy the cards and check your winnings later, but that is not an option here. If you win, no automatic payout is made. To automatically cross off numbers, players must use the “daub” button at some time during the game.

If one of your cards is complete, you must press the “bingo” button to win; otherwise, the reward will be divided with any other player who has a full card and encourages the regulator within 15 seconds.

The ‘best of both worlds’ experience that comes from needing to be present to collect a prize physically is provided to gamers.

A total of 144 games are played each day, with some nighttime games offering more significant rewards because attendance is likely to be higher. Players that pay a subscription fee will have access to cards in fun (although they can only win if they are there), and they can also use virtual currency to purchase additional cards.


Two categories may be used to classify the games that make up the Golden Hearts online experience. There are bingo games with cash prizes that start on time, operate on a schedule, and start every ten to fifteen minutes.

Each participant may purchase up to 100 cards every game with their virtual Golden Heart money, or they can subscribe to enter a fixed number of times automatically. This is the central hub of the website, and we’ll go into more depth about it shortly.

The “QuickPlay” games come next. These include scratch cards, table games, and slots that may be played anytime you wish. Old-school places are still accessible, but there are no well-known players; instead, Pirate Looty and Monster Moolah are highlighted. Each game has a paytable at the top, and some of them have jackpots worth up to $2,500. 

Coins: Each day you check in, a Bonus Wheel will award you with Golden Hearts coins. You may obtain extra coins by cashing in part of your cash prizes. Ad-hoc donations are more expensive than monthly subscribers, who receive Golden Hearts coins at a greater rate.


Can Golden Hearts Games be that good?

Golden Hearts Games seems to provide everything you could desire for those who prefer to play online slots or bingo. It also appears to offer the ideal win-win situation. Read our online evaluation to find out if Golden Hearts Games is a reliable operator and to learn all there is to know about this company.

What does the online welcome bonus at Golden Hearts Games entail?

All online casinos provide some bonuses for new players, and social casino bonuses are often set at the same level for all players. Therefore this is not always the case. Some specific operators operate significantly differently. Check out our online review to learn more about Golden Hearts’ offerings.

Does Golden Hearts Games’ social casino provide cash prizes?

Social casinos are well-liked because they allow players to participate even if they reside in a state where internet casinos are illegal. With no monetary winnings and no withdrawal alternatives, they generally utilize virtual currencies to play games. Although not all social casinos operate this way, Golden Hearts Games does. To learn more about this, check out our online review.